About us

Three specialist fields

Optima Global Estate operates in Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp with around 50 professionals who provide their knowledge and experience on a daily basis. New buildings, top locations, management, an eye for detail and craftsmanship are just some of our assets.

Optima Global Estate has three main activities: real-estate development, selling and stewardship (rental and management). We stand out thanks to a comprehensive, professional service for the rental and management of property entrusted to us by investors from at home and abroad.

Real-estate development: top locations only

For years, Optima Global Estate has been renowned for its unique new building projects at top locations in Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp. Over the past 20 years, more than 50 projects have been developed by our own team of architects and engineers, who coordinate the new building projects from start to finish.
Literally every aspect, from design to acceptance, is carefully supervised by our staff so that buyers have nothing to worry about.
The unusual feature of our developments is that all projects are delivered on a turnkey basis. Buildings are decorated and finished using high-quality materials such as excellent parquet and kitchens from the leading German manufacturer, Bulthaup, among others.
Optima Global Estate has now become an established national player in the residential real-estate sector.

“Optima Global Estate assists you with extraordinary know-how and years of experience in project development.”

Sales: Both investors and private individuals

Thanks to its comprehensive range, from development to rental, management and finally resale, Optima Global Estate new building projects are highly prized among investors. However, the top locations also appeal to private buyers, for whom we have a separate direct sales unit. To complete the circle, we also take care of the resale of properties acquired as an investment.

Stewardship: a separate skill

The steward does far more than just rent. We not only relieve the owner/landlord of all the practical bother and arrangements with tenants, but also take care of collecting the rent. In addition, we make sure that tenants can rent under optimal conditions and have a professional point of contact for all their questions.
Our specialists guarantee flawless administrative, financial and technical management. They make sure that you are in order, that your tenants are satisfied… and that your property yields the return that it should.
Renting: total flexibility

Our renting consultants are always on the lookout for solvent tenants. To this end, we offer various flexible rental formulas, from very short-term to medium- and long-term leases. To serve expats, we also have a wide range of furnished apartments.

Management: a job for specialists

Optima Global Estate currently has over 3,000 units under management. A team of property consultants takes care of this, and are entirely at the service of both tenants and owners. We offer outstanding services, including odd jobs and an emergency room available 24/7 to resolve any problems that arise quickly and competently.

“The stewardship provided by Optima Global Estate is synonymous with good management and financial security, now and later on.”
Ruben Piqueur, CEO”




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