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Waterview Waterview Waterview Waterview Waterview Waterview


The Vaartkom is a special place in Leuven. This former industrial site around the Vaart and the Dijle is rapidly changing.  It is becoming a stylish, lively and green neighbourhood bursting with creativity. Over 2,000 new homes will turn the Vaartkom into a real neighbourhood.

Why more rooms?

More and more young people are continuing their studies in higher education, either at university or at college. The growing number of foreign students is also generating a need for additional student accommodation. In order to meet this demand, the city of Leuven is opting for larger high-quality projects in carefully chosen locations. The projects mainly consist of simple rooms, each with their own shower and toilet, which are intended as a temporary residence for students or researchers.


In 2012 the city of Leuven chose several suitable locations for additional student housing. In order to do so, it mainly took into account the distance to campuses and student facilities, accessibility via public transport and the surrounding urban fabric.

Waterview will be located on the former Engels Plein car park, between Keizerberg Abbey park and the Vaartkom, which will soon be car-free. In the 14-storey towers, 28 rooms per floor will be divided into two living units.

This unique project will be available for rent as of the 2015-2016 academic year. A magnificent investment in the city with the oldest university in Belgium!